Pros and Cons Of Home Renovations

Home Renovations


Thinking about renovating your home?


Perhaps since you first built or purchased your home, your needs have changed.  Maybe you’re wanting more from your home and you’ve considered how you could achieve these needs in the most cost effective way.


You may be looking at adding on another bathroom, or changing internal walls to make bigger rooms or wanting to include a threatre room to your home. 


Perhaps you want to make your home more functional or attractive. No matter what size your renovation will be there are things to consider before taking action.


Take a look below at the pros and cons of renovating your home so you can make an informed choice:


Pros For Home Renovations:


  • Renovating your home is something you can as a family.
  • You can work together and discus what to add or change to your current home.
  • It’s  more cost effective than buying or building a new house
  • Staying in the same location saves on relocations costs
  • Improvements to your home will add resale value
  • You can keep everything you love and just change a few things
  • You can create customized rooms
  • Give your home a more modern look and increase street appeal
  • Improve your standard and quality of living
  • You’re in charge of your budget


As well as here being a lot of positives to renovating your house there are also other things to consider:


Cons To Home Renovations:


  • Renovating your home can be stressful emotionally and physically
  • It can also be time consuming and difficult if not planned correctly.
  • There’s the potential to go over your budget
  • Inconvenience of living in your house whilst renovations are going on
  • Having to move out temporarily which will put a big dent in your budget
  • You need to work with the existing floor plan which will cause limitations
  • It’s difficult to estimate the costs accurately
  • Your renovations may not be identical to what you have imagined
  • Time frame can drag on with holdups along the way


What you need to do first is create a plan. Write down everything you want to change or include to your home.  Then draft up a mock floor plan of the changes. 


Once you have this in place it’s time to speak to a professional builder, Brad Penhallurick to discuss your plans, budget and time frame.  Brad will help you put your vision in concrete!


Call Brad Penhallurick on 0418 786 107 or send us an email and tell us more about your plans and we will contact you.