4 Things To Consider When Building Your New Home

Building Your New Home Without The Stress!


Have you decided it’s time to build your new home?  There are alot of decisions to make when building your new home such as choosing a budget, the house design, finding a great builder or architect and finding the right block of land.


So, if you are getting confused or overwhelmed, it’s ok. It’s a normal response. So let us help you and give you a few things to start with.


Step 1: Plan Your Budget


The first step to when it comes to building a home is to plan your budget. By creating a budget you have already narrowed down the choices in home designs and you are making sure you are staying within a budget you can comfortably afford.


To choose your budget you need to look at your current financial position.  Talk to your bank and find out what you are able to borrow and what the interest rates will be on a home loan.  Do your research and find out what other banks and financial institutes are offering too.  Speak to your accountant, your family and anyone else who can give you quality advice when it comes to investing money.


Write a list of everything you want to include in your new home such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, garage, shed, threatre room and everything else you want.


Once you have your inventory then it’s time to look at the budget of what it will cost and the best way to do that is to look at home designs and speak to builders.  You want to get rough estimate for the home designs you’re interested in.  It’s important you end up with the home you really want, at a price you can afford.


Step 2: Buying A Block of Land


After you have planned your budget, you can start looking at buying a block of land to for building your new home on.


When choosing the land consider the size, shape and slope of the land as this will have an impact on the construction of your home.  These are the most important factors which can effect the construction of your home.  These factors influence the foundation of your home and this will directly impact your budget.


Other things to look at when buying your land is the block zoning, block specifications and aspects and the design guidelines for the land. (some land may have specifications for design)


When you’re buying your block of land checkout the surrounding and make sure it’s a place you can see yourself living in the years to come.


One important thing to also remember is to speak to your builder before you buy or sign the contract to the piece of land you want buy to make sure it will work with the design of your new home.


Step 3: Drafting Your House Plans


Now that you have your budget planned and chosen your block of land you can start drawing up ideas and plans of the home you want to build.


This plan can be a exact image of what you want your home to look like, or it can be a couple of different images and other home designs you like.


Speak to your partner, family, builder or architect and to discuss the overall and final home design.  You can also look at the smaller details such as solar panels, waste and energy efficient facilities, gardens, sheds and anything else that’s important to you.


Step 4: Contact A Professional Builder


Hiring the right builder for building your new home is one of the most important parts to the building process. You want to find someone who you is easy to get along with and will listen to your ideas and concerns.


You also want to make sure you are comfortable with speaking to them about costs, issues and anything related to the building process of your home. Also make sure to look for someone who meets your costs, design type, capability etc.


What To Do Next


Call Brad Penhallurick of Penhallurick Constructions Whitsundays on 0418 786 107.  Brad is a qualified, expert builder and can give you the right advise when it comes to building your new home.